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It's The Law

Watch for children, pedestrians, cyclists, horses, and pets!


Pedestrians, please walk on the left and face oncoming traffic.


The Roads Committee was formed by the Board of Directors to monitor and arrange for repairs of the roads, and manage the roadside weed abatement required by the CC&Rs.



The owner's association is responsible for maintaining a sufficient reserve to allow for timely repairs to the roads and drainage ditches. Sealant, chip seal, or other paving materials will be provided by the community for common roads. Private driveways and aprons are the responsibility of the respective homeowners.

The Owner's Association must also prohibit speeding. Please drive the speed limit so that we can forego installing speed bumps or contracting law enforcement. Your help keeping our community safe and our homeowner fees low is appreciated.

Weed Abatement

The owner's association is required by the CC&Rs to maintain weed control as a fire break for the first 10' on either side of community roads. Spraying is done twice annually. If residents do not wish to have their frontage sprayed with a chemical spray, they may opt out as long as they control the weeds at their own expense for a distance of 10 feet.


Residents are responsible for keeping culverts under driveways and openings clear of silt, weeds, and other materials that may obstruct drainage.


Chipseal has been applied a various times since the community was first founded:

1997: Original double chipseal coat with asphalt on Shadow Hawk Drive hill near main gates

2004: Additional chipseal coat added with maintenance of road edges and anti-erosion stone added near storm drains

2010: Minor patches to problem areas.

2015: Additional chipseal coat of all roads, including Shadow Hawk Drive hill
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