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The Gates Committee was formed by the Board of Directors, and is assigned to manage the mechanical and electrical maintenance of the gates, and programming of names and remote controls into the intercom boxes at the three community entrance gates.

KEYPAD OPERATION: To get in without a remote, enter # followed by your four-digit private code.

GUEST INSTRUCTIONS: To contact the homeowner, press the A or Z key to scroll forwards and backwards alphabetically through a list of names. Once the correct name is displayed, press the call button. This will dial the resident (but will not reveal their phone number). Press Call again to cancel a call in progress if you dial the wrong resident.

RECEIVING GUESTS: When you are contacted from a gate, the Caller ID will read "Sunridge East Owners". When you answer, you will be on an intercom with the visitor. To admit them, press 9 on your phone. You will hear a tone to indicate the gates have opened and the intercom will hang up. You have up to 90 seconds to complete your conversation before the system automatically hangs up, and the gates remain closed. If you do not wish to open the gates, you may simply hang up and the gates will remain closed.

LARGE EVENTS: If you are expecting a large number of guests and want to save wear and tear on your phone, feet, and our gates, please use the form on this page to request the gates be held-open. This will send notification to the gate programmer on duty. Please provide at least 2-3 days notice to ensure enough time for our staff to program the hold open. Because our gate committee members work away from home or may be traveling, we cannot guarantee hold open requests can be addressed if given less time. Only the main gate off of South Shingle Road is held open.

OPERATION OF REMOTES: Unlike a garage door opener, these remotes send and receive data from the gate controller, and so require more than a momentary press. Press the button for at least 2 seconds. Also, when the remotes are first programmed or when the battery is replaced, it may take 2-3 presses before the gates respond due to rolling security codes.

COMPATIBILITY: Because of the special protocol used by these remotes, they are not compatible with the built-in remote buttons available on some cars.

RANGE: Depending on where people put the remotes inside their cars, the construction of the car, and different temperature and weather conditions, the distance at which the remotes operate the gates can vary widely. If you see the red LED above the button light brightly, the battery is good and the gates should open from at least 30’ feet away, and often more. There is a single screw on the back of the remote to allow battery replacement when the time comes.

UNIQUENESS OF REMOTES: There are two independent coding systems that uniquely link these remotes to our gates. They must be special ordered in a minimum quantity. Even if a gate programmer at a new community wanted to use remotes brought to them from our community, there is no way they could get them to work. They cost $50 because we have to pay up front for many, plus pay shipping & handling. Also, we have had to upgrade our gate systems to the tune of $1500 at each entrance to support more than two remotes for some households. For this reason, the charge for additional remotes beyond two is $100 each. If one is lost or damaged, however, we simply deactivate the old one and charge $50 for a replacement.

EMERGENCY PERSONNEL, US MAIL, & VENDORS: Fire, Police, and USPS have special master keys to open any community gates, and may lock them open during emergencies. The local fire department has an agreement with our community to use our water to fight fires anywhere in the surrounding area. You may see them drive through the neighborhood to fill their tanker trucks with water from our tank, and in fire season, they may leave the gates open for an extended period to speed access to our water supply.

Garbage collection, major shipping companies, Golden State Propane, Sacramento Bee & Mountain Democrat, PG&E, and AT&T have entry codes of their own. You do not have to provide your private entry code to any of those vendors. Others, such as store deliveries, maintenance, and contractors must either be let in by answering the phone, or by giving your code. You may change your code at any time if you feel it has been compromised, but it must be unique from other residents.

GENERAL GATE PROBLEMS: If you find gates are stuck open for more than a day or two, or there is damage to the gates, control equipment, power meters, lights or any of the areas surrounding the gates, please contact the gate committee here. Please review the traffic lights in the upper right of this page to see if the problem is known. If in doubt, we would rather be alerted to a problem more than once than not at all.


Shadow Hawk @ South Shingle


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Shadow Hawk @ Brandon

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