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Dues and Fees

Home Owner Dues

$264 per Quarter

Homeowners are invoiced quarterly. These dues are collected to support the repair and eventual replacement of roads, fire equipment, entry gates, and common area landscaping, and for professional services and other community business. A modest late fee is charged if not paid within the terms specified on the bill.

Gate Remotes

$50 each

Each home received two high security remotes at the time of construction that are uniquely keyed to this community and cannot be used elsewhere. These remotes should be conveyed with the home, when sold. Any remotes not in the posession of the new homeowner will be deactivated. New homeowners may continue to use as many remotes as were conveyed with the house at no additional charge.

If a remote is not conveyed, is lost, damaged, or fails (dead battery excluded), a replacement remote can be purchased as long as the lost or damaged unit is deactivated. A maximum of four remotes are allowed per property. Battery replacement is the homeowner's responsibility.

Disclaimer: A good faith effort is made to keep this information up to date, however because changes to fees may be voted upon before the site can be updated, this information should not be considered legally binding. Please contact the Board of Directors for official dues and fees before closing escrow or for other legal matters.

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